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The time for a new theory had come.

The time for a new theory had come. I boldly propose the new paradigm: Increased amount of CO2 after the certain threshold [reached by humanity 20 years ago] causes Global Cooling. If we slow down emitting of CO2 now - the world will warm.

I know I have no definite proof but the published for 18 year measurements of the temperatures in the atmosphere and the ocean. At the same time the cultists of Human Made Global Warming have NO proof whatsoever for their so-called "theory".

I am open to be nominated for the Nobel Peace prize (that I can later refuse) or something similar.
To: Premier@gov.bc.ca
Cc: sunletters@png.canwest.com
Sent: Monday, 8 February, 2010 17:26:22 GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
Subject: Open Letter

Dear Premier Campbell:

We live in a blessed time, when Global Warming is no more. For that we must give Thanks to the Greatest Scientists on Earth who have enabled United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to protect ungrateful mankind.

Fortunately these scientists are leaking e-mails which show that they are not all that great or real scientists. Someone should have explained to them that falsifying data and killing dissent is of course a good thing when you are Climate Change Scientist, or David Suzuki with his foundation, but those things must be kept in house and not laundered in public spaces.

But no one kept a discipline. As a result of the insubordination, the Climate Change Scientists and IPCC now have no choice but to allow Himalayan glaciers not to melt, rain-forests in South America to keep standing and to keep removing CO2 from the atmosphere. They have to allow hurricanes to stop threatening USA. They have to even postpone indefinitely seven meter (minimum) deluge that will engulf all of the Earth! Last week they agreed to allow Holland to keep just 25% of its territory below the sea level as it was a case for several centuries [before IPCC insisted on 55% or more, and ordered poor people there to be on alert for impending Climate Change catastrophe] and so on.

With all such positive, but unfortunately late for the mental health of average Climate Change Doomsday Sayers news, you are in the position to deliver some positive news as well:

Some time ago you, our illustrious/delusional climate change Premier in yet another bout of greatness with the help of the illustrious/delusional "climate change economist" Mark Jaccard introduced a Progressive Carbon Tax.

It was a total success! Citizens happily and progressively started to surrender money for a token one time $100 payback. We keep doing it today. For example, we just enjoyed another increase in carbon taxes to 3.33% for the fuel in January, and yet another Progressive increase (or it is a rip-off?) to 4.45% is coming on July 01, 2010.

In the light of the Global Warming doctrine collapse, and before the citizen's run on the small courts with anti-Campbell robbery claims materializes, I have a small request to you and your other moronic co-rulers to take a close look at the Great Climate Change Scientists mea-culpa, and to acquire one for your own. It is a time to repent and to repeal an imbecilic Carbon Tax that is based solely on Grandiosity of Climate Change mantras and heavy delusions of grandeur. Keeping it even without an increase is not an option.

And please, don't even think of blending it with HST! Just get rid of this monkey on our collective back, like you got rid from all political allies with some brain matter between their ears.

Please beware that sooner or later the populace will sue you, comrade Campbell, if not in a real court, than definitely in the court of public opinion. Observing your stupefying attempts to get a "legacy" I believe the latter would be much, much worse for you.

Truly yours,


Cc: Vancouver Sun

Letter #31 (The Year of Dr. Zero)

To: sunletters@png.canwest.com
Sent: Friday, 11 December, 2009 16:10:05 GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
Subject: Letter

Dear Editor:

The year 2009 is slowly coming to an end with a whimper, i.e. the Copenhagen summit on Human Made Global Warming (HMGW). There, the most overheated brains on the planet (Climategate scandal of the century notwithstanding) are trying to impose on the world a Progressive Holy Carbon trade, to begin to progressively stifle consumption and business practices of billions of people, to carbon tax in earnest filthy rich population of N. America and W. Europe, thus bringing them fast to the levels of Progressive Cubans and Zimbabweans.

Of course, only this will save the world at the time when the sky is falling daily, if you listen to TV and radio reports, and read Progressive newspapers such as The Vancouver Sun. It is especially true if you read yet another article about (and hopefully written by) the Greatest Son of Vancouver, zoological PhD from Chicago, Dr. D. Suzuki. And that is why, in retrospect, I am proposing to rename, the Year of 2009 as the "Year of the Suzuki", or on second thought, just rename the whole quickly-running-out-of-steam Zero decade of the century to become "Zero Decade of Dr. Suzuki", or for short a "Dr. Zero Decade".

It would be a fitting tribute to the great Dr. Zero, especially if we consider his Zero carbon footprint (it could become negative any minute now!!) and the most under-reported story about him in this decade:

Our great Dr. Zero was awarded this year an Alternative Nobel Price that came from Sweden's "The Right Livelihood Award" foundation ( http://www.rightlivelihood.org/ ) for his fight against HMGW!!!

Even if privileged few knew about the award and the fact that Dr. Zero shared the honor with three other great individuals, they would be horrified to find out that something very wrong had happened there: Dr. Zero only got an Honorary part of the prize and was denied a Monetary part. All other distinguished human and hu-wymen beings each got a cheque for 50,000 euros or $77,395.00 (exchange rate on Dec. 10 of the Year of Dr. Zero euro/cdn = 1.5479). This is scandalous. For many years, our Son of a Vancouver put his life on hold and his reputation on the line while promoting HMGW, and most importantly he lived his dream! He heavily invested hundreds of thousands of dollars, and possibly Cuban pesos into a beautiful (according to eyewitness), ocean front piece of real estate, knowing full well during all that time, that an upcoming Global Warming catastrophe will produce 6 m or more increase in the sea level which shall very soon engulf his precious home and destroy all his earthly possessions.

Everyday of his 'Life on the Edge', during breakfasts, lunches, dinners, suppers, cocktails, domestic chores, or while sitting in a bathtub or some other place, he is awaiting an inevitable catastrophe, he continually keeps sacrificing himself. This amazing sacrificial endeavor of Dr. Zero is without parallel in modern history. Therefore it pains me big time to know that the $77,395.00 that He could use to buy an escape, Noah style, trailer that will float when the flood cometh and which will taketh Him to a beautiful, sustainable progressive mobile home commune back East, in a secure shadowy mountain valley of joy, - that all that money did not come.

If this story of underappreciation, heroics and martyrdom will not touch the hearts of millions, I do not know what ever will. Therefore, it is my hope that your newspaper will actively petition the UN, IPCC (International Global Warming panel), and our very bad and very conservative Government to officially rename the year and the Zero Decade, and demand from the heartless Swedes (or arrange in any other way possible) an adequate compensation for Dr. Zero, to guarantee that His dream trailer will float one day to the bright carbon free sunrise.

To: sunletters@png.canwest.com
Sent: Wednesday, 7 October, 2009 15:44:37 GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
Subject: Airline fights against Global Warming (letter/opinion)

Dear Editor:

As usual not a week is coming along without Good news on how Good people fight for the Global Cooling.

All Nippon Airways (ANA) spearheaded the current wave of Crusade against Global Warming by requiring flyers to empty their bladders and intestines before boarding a plane.  An empty bladder/intestine experiment started on October 01 and will run for a month on 42 flights. By using this not yet orthodox approach, Airline plans to reduce CO2 flyprint by 5 tonnes insuring that customers who board airplanes are lighter. (Please see  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/greenertransport/6253728/Airline-asks-passengers-to-use-toilet-before-boarding.html  )

ANA’s approach is a very commendable one that shows how the best people in Environmental Crusade can and should think outside of the box. Obviously it is the first small step for mankind that will become a giant leap if humanity embraces my next humble suggestions:

  1. The same bladder/intestine initiative must be implemented on the airlines in the whole World. That’s what we have a UN security council for - it should issue relevant resolutions, and if airlines and their host countries do not comply they must face sanctions.

  2. Airlines will just be a beginning. Other public means of transportation – trains, street cars, and buses must follow-up the trend.

  3. Soon after that, the UN should go after private vehicle, their drivers and passengers. Even today I can envision police all around the Globe doing roadside checks that prove that people do take Global Warming seriously and do not drive when their bladder or lower intestine is so full that polar bears, penguins, sockeye salmon and trade unions – to name a few species that face extinction – will not survive.  First time offenders will face initially police administered roadside enema and/or diuretics and taught to sing Kumbaya. Repeated offenders, in the addition to enemas, will be sentenced to planting trees in the north, saving pandas and spotted owls by all means necessary and, depending on the political make-up of perpetrator’s country, his or her carbon footprint may be forcefully reduced to a zero.

  4. All the above measures will be extremely helpful, not only in tackling dreadful "Climate Change", but also by creating hundreds of thousands of green jobs for unemployed by current recession masses. A new workforce will gladly administer road and airport checks, treatments, and will ensure compliance.

  5. Fight for the Global Cooling and fight against Terrorism must go ahead hand in hand.
Let’s examine the sad case of suicide terrorist Abdullah Asieri – an Al Qaeda operative who almost killed a Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef by detonating a bomb he hid in his rectum (according to CBS report:  http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2009/09/28/eveningnews/main5347847.shtml ).

If Asieri was going through mandatory traveler/anti-terrorist enema procedure, this would have never happened in the first place! Obviously some of the Global Warming Deniers will speculate that it was a build-up of carbon rich matter around the bomb that ultimately saved Prince Nayef by softening the force of explosion, but we should not be so naïve and deceived by this logic. The point here is that no amount of Life saving carbon waste will be a substitute for a good Earth saving enema. 


Letter #29 (Polar Bear Conundrum)

To: sunletters@png.canwest.com
Sent: Wednesday, 26 August, 2009 16:24:25 GMT -08:00 Tijuana / Baja California
Subject: Polar Bear Conundrum

Dear Editor:

     Recently, the Canadian Press published what is obviously a climate change denial piece, written by Ms. Chinta Puxley, on the extremely controversial topic of Polar Bear (PB) population recovery in Hudson Bay Area. As every good citizen must know these days, according to the Holy Science of Human Made Global Warming (HMGW), human made greenhouse gas emissions keep rising and warming Gaia, first and foremost in the North part of Northern Hemisphere. Unfortunately there is more ice in the Hudson Bay, and according to Ms. Puxley’s writings, politically incorrect PBs propagate like rats, having 3 cubs per litter, they put on more weight, and so on..

     Obviously, the environmental Gurus interviewed by Ms. Puxley feel betrayed by Mother Nature and are extremely disappointed with the recovery of PB populations:

     Andrew Derocher, a biology professor at the University of Alberta, said that "A respite from the long-term conditions is certainly good news, but ... this is still a major concern. We're talking about global change here. This is just one summer." Robert Buchanan, Head of Polar Bear International, said that "northern sea ice generally continues to melt at an alarming rate… This is an aberration. …Polar bears will continue to suffer from greenhouse gases that are warming the planet unless we plant more trees, make more use of recyclable materials and reduce energy consumption. We're killing polar bears from the comfort of our armchairs."

     Nevertheless, despite such brave, timely, and audacious damage control, the fat and promiscuous PBs do fly in the face of the Church of HMGW dogma and could even provoke tantrums being thrown by Great Teacher D.Suzuki and Holy Father Al Gore on both sides of the border between US and Canada, that is heavily guarded these days against recession and Global Warming. Obviously that horrible possibility should remain forever (or till the eventual demise of these Great Prophets due to HMGW) in the realm of Implausible ideas.

     As usual in the time of Global Crises like the one unfolding in and around Hudson Bay, I am willing to help and extend my habitually unclenched fist to the Great Church of Global Warming devotees by presenting here three simple suggestions for immediate implementation:

1.    Founding Prophets of the Church must issue a clear-cut Fatwa:

If a cooling occurs in whatever place on Gaia – it is a temporary phenomenon and/or aberration. Global warming trend in this place will resume shortly, hopefully in our life time. If a warming occurs in the same or other place, especially in the summertime, it is done by HMGW and it is forever.  Unbelievers who do not follow Fatwa must be subjected to 10 years of Hard Carbon Taxation, or sentenced to life of purchasing Obamastan Carbon Credits.

2.    Censor Mother Nature, and warn her publicly against cruel tricks in the future. Meanwhile organize prayer session to the gods responsible for El-Nino and ask them to kindly undo 11 years of Global Cooling.

3.    An internet Petition must be started immediately in order to help destitute Father Al Gore to purchase icebreakers and finance a fact finding Hudson Bay PB Expedition equipped with enough high powered rifles, RPGs and munitions, with a clear mandate to once and for all prove that the PB population is in decline due to Carbon Dioxide pollution. Expedition may also document dwindling numbers of Seals, Innuits, and other Canadians.

To: sunletters@png.canwest.com
Sent: Monday, 10 August, 2009 14:30:45 GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
Subject: Letter

It is now common knowledge that Human Made Global Warming (HMGW) is responsible for everything that makes our lives so miserable. Brains, for example, are melting with frightening speed.  This led to the election of Barack Hussein Obama and the meltdown of the economy south of the border.  Here in British Columbia, HMGW translated into the Carbon Tax, and subsequently into the Harmonized Sales Tax that is affectionately known by the masses as a "Horse S**t Tax".  But the most recent devastating blow to 'urbi et orbi' was done by the swine flu virus H1N1 that affects both swine and human.  Of course it came to existence solely because of the evil forces of HMGW.

As a result of viral panic unfolding in front of our eyes, in the magnificent province of Alberta, and all over the country millions of pigs, including precious newborns, cannot be sold and converted to bacon (see for example http://www.bclocalnews.com/news/national/51905117.html?c=y&curSection=/surrey_area/cloverdalereporter&curTitle=National%20News ).  Farmers are stuck with them and lack the means to feed the demographically incorrect porcine population.  Banks stopped financing the overpopulated farms.  United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) does not help, precisely because it keeps wasting precious billions to finance hot-headed (i.e. affected by Global Warming and difficult childhood) terrorists, who despise poor porcine with passion.

The matter of porcine suffering cannot wait, especially because Kyoto Protocol is ruined by greedy-capitalist-planet-over-heaters.  Bold moves to bring HMGW to its knees are necessary to alleviate the situation before horror stories of forced cannibalism among Alberta swine will emerge.

I propose the creation of Pig Liposuction Organization (PLO).  It could alternatively be named HAMAS (Ham as Savior).  The mission of this new entity will be to extract, in a humane manner, lard from pigs in question without killing them.  It will adopt, as its humane charter, the ’Porcine Forced Liposuction Protocol‘(PFLP) to ensure that essential porcine rights will be protected. 

Thus alternative to the immoral oil sands of Alberta will be formed.  It will restore cash flow to farmers, while creating millions of new workplaces. Not killing pigs, but only extracting from them what rightfully belongs to all humanity, will increase porcine population in Alberta and beyond.  Soon every North American, and even Japanese, will be able to have his or her own pig herd and an extraction unit of the carbon neutral lard, or even a plant that converts this sheer goodness to diesel or gasoline.  In the not so distant future, we will forever shut down fossil fuel production, especially in the Middle East. As well due to the name recognition conflict the "old" PLO & Hamas who do liposuction of western finances for decades with impunity, will be put out of business! So finally, the age of World Peace and of Global Cooling will be upon us!

To: sunletters@png.canwest.com
Sent: 16 May, 2009 11:50:11 GMT -08:00
Subject: Letter:

Dear Editor:

          Great news! Al Gore will be having an erection!! The whole Al Gore, to be precise.

          The whole Mr. Gore deserves it by achieving demigod status among the most vulnerable and meek for He got a Nobel Prize for them, and because He managed single-handedly to save them, and to deliver them. He delivers them from the wicked oil-burning capitalists, and saves them, because they took refuge in Him, and He saved a planet from Human Made Global Warming – the last atrociously cold winter attest for that fact, - and that now He is working hard to advance further cooling of the Gaia. The Glory is His!
          But let us go back now to the erection news:

          It started with the good people in Tennessee Senate and the House who in these days of global economic crisis had to do something, because they were depressed by saving the economy.

          After really brief soul-searching they resolved to not spend money on escort services for themselves, but erect a statue of the Nobel Prize laureate Al Gore on Capitol grounds, to fulfill a desired vision of "Yes We Can!" communal Senate erection that was eluding them for a long time. This coming erection would save Prophet Al from the embarrassment of emulating the lesser prophet Dr. Suzuki, who have not got a statue yet, but had been honored well for the same troubles by having his name attached to school in Ontario.

          Some time ago in a letter to your newspaper (Sat, 15 Sep 2007, sent at 22:55:57) I boldly proposed to use carbon neutral and neglected at this time statues of Lenin in f-USSR that could be accommodated as future monuments to Dr. Suzuki by just changing the metal cranium of one perpetrator to similar appendage of the other.  I hope the good people in Tennessee Senate will become aware of my suggestion, embrace it and erect the recycled Lenin-Al Gore carbon neutral hybrid based on the most rigorous carbon-footprint standards. Hopefully they can accommodate the hybrid with a spare head of Dr. Suzuki – just in case Canadian PM will visit for worshiping purposes.

          Actually it could be done with two heads from the very beginning, on a manner of great Martian Prophet Quato from very garish, or better say, AlGarish, scientific documentary climate change flick "Total Recall".  Just imagine the beauty of it!! Imagine that soft music and "Open your mind to the Infallible Science of Human Made Global Warming" mantras that will be blaring concurrently from inside the monument heads.

          Grateful tourists and lawmakers will open their minds, and recall all postulates of infallible science of human made Global Warming/Climate Change and immediately will fight to the death greedy imperialists to save the Mars (or the Earth, if it matters).


To: sunletters@png.canwest.com
Sent: Tuesday, 28 April, 2009 21:11:01 GMT -08:00 Tijuana / Baja California

Subject: Flu is the cause of Human Made Global Warming/Climate Change

Dear Editor:

Before Mr. Al Gore will declare that current Global Swine Flu scare had been caused by Human Made Global Warming/Climate change I would like to pre-empt this announcement by stating unequivocally that situation is EXACTLY the OPPOSITE!

The Flu is the cause of Human Made Global Warming/Climate change scare!

It is a special strain of brain flu that is going around and causes sufferer to believe that he or she is overheated (especially in the dead cold of winter), that CO2 is bad for the life of this planet, that living in the caves without amenities is truly progressive, and to profess many other similar delusions. It is no known medical cure available yet for this debilitating disease. It is highly contagious, especially when spread among young impressionable adults.

Anyone who is skilled in the Art of Computer modeling (Al Gore and fellow flu sufferers from Suzuki foundation come to mind), will not have any difficulty devising a brain flu model to show how a spread of this strain of flu ( Influentia porcarius algorae ) have risen exponentially since previous deadly communist brain influenza (Influentia communisti leninnae, that alone was responsible for 110 million deaths all over the world in XX century), had been temporarily leveled off with the collapse of virus in the Eastern Europe.

To: sunletters@png.canwest.com
Sent: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 11:31:07 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Human Made Global Warming/Climate Change dangers. Proposals.

Dear Editor:

As we on the West Coast and in the rest of the Northern hemisphere recover from the coldest winter in decades, a winter that was obviously caused by Human made Global Warming/Climate Change, I am eager to tell you that I researched the most dangerous greenhouse gas ever. It is, until now hidden from the perception of the lynching masses, Dihydrogen Oxide. Vapors of this hazardous clear liquid are responsible for 95.00% of the total earth greenhouse effect (GE), leaving the atmospheric carbon dioxide - the second most terrible gas on earth to blame for 3.618% of GE and the human made part of it (the awful part that according to guru Al Gore is responsible for devastation of the planet) liable for whooping 0.117% of GE.

I am not going to bore you with insignificant gases, like methane that comes from cow farts, or nitrous oxide that is produced by the brotherly composting worms that are so dear to David Suzuki’s heart, and will instead concentrate on the more significant dihydrogen oxide vapors. At the moment, only 0.001 % of the world’s dihydrogen oxide is human made (http://www.geocraft.com/WVFossils/greenhouse_data.html). But that will change soon!

With the advance of so-called green technology, untold millions of anticipated hydrogen combustion engines, in the comparable number of cars, will bring ruin to many life forms including our own. Especially dangerous ideas are nurtured right here on the West Coast, where the Governator of California and our own provincial Premier schemed behind the backs of innocuous populace to create the so-called Hydrogen Highway that will stretch from L.A. to Whistler. If they get their way, millions of cars will burn hydrogen and produce dihydrogen oxide vapor on daily basis. It will not be diluted by the less harmful carbon dioxide (see above) as is the case when using conventional engines.

The Governator and the Premier disregard how much conventional energy sources, including fossil fuels, will have to be used to produce adequate amount of the explosive hydrogen that is the essential fuel for dihydrogen oxide production. It must also be noted that harmful radicals, especially hydroxyl radical [a species shown to cause mutations by altering DNA, disrupt cell membranes, denature proteins, and chemically affecting neurotransmitters] often come into existence during the process of formation of dihydrogen oxide.

Dihydrogen oxide, unlike carbon dioxide, is not easily removed from the environment, nor is it good for photosynthesis. It constitutes a simple silent killer pollutant. Our local and federal governments must ban the unhealthy dihydrogen oxide technology. We must stop playing with human life, and allow our children and our children’s children to enjoy the pristine environment, free of human made dihydrogen oxide future.

The only proven way toward such healthy future is through sustainable taxation. Our government has been taxing carbon here in BC already. Why not also tax hydrogen? And going along with this line of progressive thinking, why not implement once and for all the most desirable Periodic Table of Elements Tax? We must keep in mind that not only carbon and hydrogen are complicit with the western imperialist forces in causing the Human Made Global Warming, but also such elements as oxygen and nitrogen (for example, oxygen is an integral part of carbon oxide and of dihydrogen oxide, nitrogen is part of nitrous oxide). No one can be sure what treacherous element the capitalist perpetrators will employ next. Therefore a universal Periodic Table of Elements Tax makes a perfect sense in our industrialized world, especially when it will not cost the average taxpayer more than $10,000 per annum. This extremely attractive and sensible idea, whose time has come, will bring happiness and prosperity (in this order) to the rest of mankind by "spreading the wealth around" really fast.


Letter #24 (Nomination)

To: sunletters@png.canwest.com
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 05:40:55 -0700
Subject: Nobel Prize nomination

Dear Vancouver Sun Editor:

Please find below my Open Letter to the Nobel Foundation. Hope you will find a space in your newspaper to mobilize public opinion in support of the Nomination of Mr. Al Gore. Nomination has been just submitted.


Nobel Foundation,
Economics Prize section.
Stockholm, Sweden

To whom it may concern [Open Letter/Nomination]:

After hard work on inventing Internet and becoming freshly preoccupied with new (but not as important, or demanding), US vice-presidential job, Mr. Al Gore started to immerse himself in mankind saving thoughts. Very soon as we all know, he buoyed himself up into the Eternal Hall of Fame by co-inventing Human Made Global Warming.

What is not so well known that with his prophetic vision Al Gore could see in the future much further than Alan Greenspan or, for this matter, any other economist! One day, when he was tired of seeing Bill chasing Monicas around Oval office, he definitely saw the future: a globally warmed Greenland iceberg floating up-stream on Potomac River.

Horrified he proceeded to devise an ingenious Plan worthy of Economic Genius that he surely is. Plan will reduce human made greenhouse gases in the crucial Kyoto years and save the Planet, if not mankind. According to it the blight of capitalist economy will be taken care of, Gaia will be saved, Al re-elected with Bill to chase Monicas if he wished to do so, or to invent carbon tax credits for the underprivileged, all while doing his critically important vice-presidential job.

His Plan was simple and magnificent in its entirely benign appearance. Soon he fed the scheme to Bill and pushed all other proper buttons. Plan produced immediate results: Congress mandated that Fannie and Freddie, these giant federally chartered corporations, increased their purchases of mortgages for low-income and medium-income borrowers.

Fannie and Freddie, bought mortgages from lenders, bundled them into mortgage-backed securities (a form of bond that is sold to investors), and provided cash for lenders to lend more to underprivileged right away, instead of waiting for 10-30 years for the mortgages to mature! Home ownership by Latinos and African-Americans increased by 2 million just in first 4 years! And the best thing was that the very mortgages were packaged with low or no down-payment and at sub-prime rate.

Everyone was happy. Bill and Al were re-elected, Monicas were being chased, carbon offsets and sinks had been invented, and the salvation of the world was coming in the not so distant Future.

Future arrived this summer of 2008. As a result of the Plan, our financial system collapsed under sub-prime mortgages bubble, and poor minorities in US are again on the street. But the most importantly the Economy is in shambles, oil demand is collapsing, emissions of greenhouse gases will be approaching Kyoto targets next Wednesday, and the planet is safe and cooling fast!

The above truthful account is my humble bid to nominate the renowned Nobel Peacenik, the Carbon Genius and Economist of our time, Mr. Al Gore, for the Nobel Price in Economics in the coming year 2009, provided that the Nobel committee will still have some money to pay him, despite the economic collapse in Europe.

If, for some unfathomable reason, the choice of Al Gore will be rejected by your esteemed committee, please consider as my second choice the nomination of Comrades Fidel Castro, Kim Jong-Il and Barack Obama for unremitting re-invention and use of the timeless idea of "Spreading the Wealth Around" in modern economies.

Truly yours,